Leila Reynolds' art journey began in 1969 shortly after the birth of her daughter.  Not having had any experience or education in the visual arts, Leila joined a group of friends to paint on Saturday afternoons in Denver, Colorado. Her daughter went to class with her - in a basket!

Leila then began her circuitous journey to find her niche as an artist.  As she and her family moved around the United States, and to England, Leila found art classes in each community.  In England, she discovered the art of painting on silk fabric. This led her to blend her love of fabric with her love of painting.

abstract artwork by artist Leila Reynolds

Our Approach

Our Story

Leila studied silk painting with Susan Louise Moyer in California.    Her focus became art with fiber, learning fabric dyeing and surface design many national and international fiber artists.

Reynolds served as pastor and chaplain for more than 30 years and is now a full-time studio artist.

Leila currently enjoys experimenting with contemporary and abstract art, using several mediums to create her art.   She has won many awards with her paintings in oil, acrylic, cold wax and oil, mixed media and encaustic.  She now teaches individuals and small groups in her home, giving artists and opportunity to experience art with a new medium or to build their skills with their favorite medium.

Artist Statement:

Art, in whatever form, is the language of the soul.  It expresses the soul's desires, hopes, dreams, visions, and even agonies.  It is a language without the barriers of culture, class or age, for it allows the "audience" his or her own interpretation of the message.  With the use of color, texture, shapes and lines, I seek to evoke the stories living within the viewer as he or she responds to my art.